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White House History, the award-winning journal of the White House Historical Association, is published quarterly. One, two, and three-year subscriptions as well as single copies and bound collections of back issues are available. With editorial offices in Washington, D.C., at the association’s old row house facing Lafayette Park across from the White House, the journal contains illustrated features on White House life that vary from biographies of presidents and their families to employees, furnishings, details of famous events, the gardens, architecture, costume, art in the White House, and many other subjects taken from the more than 200 years of this great house.

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White House History sees the White House as a prism of American life. The White House was a presidential symbol, inevitably, when it was built in the last decade of the eighteenth century, and prevails today both synonymous with the presidency and an icon of freedom to the world.” —William Seale, editor of White House History